Having released the two previous albums with a year, the band decided to take their time and do more takes, more alternate versions, and record more material than they needed. They relocated to Heyman's north country studio, a former horse stable turned Big Pink for complete isolation and focus on the musical process. Heyman and Pedersen worked closer on the songwriting, and more stones were turned than hitherto.

"4" (2017)
"The DeSoto Caucus" (2014)

Coming off the road in mid November of '13, the band had promised their record label to deliver a new album by mid January 2014. Hence another race was on; one of going with the flow and working hard. The result is an album with a vibrant feel of spontaneity a band still hot from the road. Some songs deal with rather personal issues,  but there's also the classic road movie songs like "Skills of Warfare". Basically done in three weeks in Stablesounds, the band's self-entitled third album is full of strong melodies, intriguing lyrics, and  bursts with the distinctive  sound that also made "Offramp Rodeo" so popular with listeners.

"Offramp Rodeo" (2013)


With a much clearer idea about the strenghts of the band, and focused on making every track count, the new album was recorded primarily in Heyman's Stablesounds way up North in the Danish countryside, far from any  hyped, or radio riddden trends. It was decided that no stone should be left unturned before every song felt right. Thus some songs didn't make it to the album in spite of three or four different versions being almost finished. A lot was recorded, a lot was peeled off again, and several songs actually ended up mainly consisting of the original tracks and scratch vocals. ​

Recorded & mixed in the  legendary Feedback Recording in the band's hometown of Aarhus, the album was considered a long shot by Pedersen, who gathered the contents of the bottom drawer of his desk before meeting up with Lund and Dombernowsky for a two times a week of taping. Overdubs where done in basements and rehearsal spaces, and the band released the album themselves, thinking of it mainly as a sonic business card.

Outstanding guest performances include Palle Hjorth's classic organ work, piano solos and guitar work by Howe Gelb, who also lends his characteristic vocal to "Don't Ask Me About Love (Don't Know A Thing About It).

"EliteContinentalCustomClub" (2008)