Anders sang, played guitars, steel, mandola, bass, organ and effectual stuff. Thøger Tetens Lund played basses, cello, piano, guitar, casio sk-1 and sang. Peter Dombernowsky played drums and percussion.


Palle Hjorth later added more organ and piano.

Henrik Silver played the horns.

Vicky Brown played violin.

Jimmy Carr played vibraphone.



Mixed by Jakob Berthelsen, Peter Dombernowsky & AP, and recorded in:;


Feedback Recording, Aarhus, Denmark by Jakob Berthelsen
Loveland Recording Studio, Tucson, Arizona by Nathan Sabatino
The Soupkitchen, DK by AP
The Whole Hole, Aarhus, DK by P. Dombernowsky
LowFive Studio, Tucson, Arizona by TT
PigJoy, Langballe, DK by Jakob Berthelsen
Howe Gelb’s hotelroom, Shaftesbury, UK by himself
Circus Charlie's office wagon, a field in Denmark by AP