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2008 - self release - SUM001


Feedback Recording, Aarhus, Denmark by Jakob Berthelsen
Loveland Recording Studio, Tucson, Arizona by Nathan Sabatino
The Soupkitchen, DK by AP
The Whole Hole, Aarhus, DK by P. Dombernowsky
LowFive Studio, Tucson, Arizona by TT
PigJoy, Langballe, DK by Jakob Berthelsen
Howe Gelb’s hotelroom, Shaftesbury, UK by himself
Circus Charlie's office wagon, a field in Denmark by AP

Mixed by Jakob Berthelsen, Peter Dombernowsky & AP, and recorded in:

Anders sang, played guitars, steel, mandola, bass, organ and effectual stuff.
Thøger Tetens Lund played basses, cello, piano, guitar, casio sk-1 and sang.
Peter Dombernowsky played drums and percussion.

Palle Hjorth later added more organ and piano, and Howe Gelb played both twangy guitars and piano while also coming up with the verses for "Don't Ask Me About Love".
Then Henrik Silver played the horns, Vicky Brown the violia and Jimmy Carr the beautiful vibraphone.


Dreamed i was still awake
and still laying face down holding on
remembered what someone said
if they're shootin' at you
you're doin' something right

Running out of heroes
running out of steam
there's a planewreck on the horizon
the glory days are gone

All that's left now and real
are the nine kinds of pain we're locked into
all we need is a deal
on some damage control and ejector-seats

Running out of heroes
running out of steam
there's a planewreck on the horizon
all sooty, amber and blue
running out of heroes
and running out of alternatives too

Right side electric guitar by Howe Gelb Piano by Palle Hjorth Recorded in Feedback and PigJoy by JB and the Soupkitchen by AP Violined casio-stuffing recorded in LowLive by TT
Howe selfrecorded at the Blue House


Lay low but live large
hold down the fort
stay in charge
go slow but don’t show
sink into a thinktank with a glow

Go right or go wrong
all twists of fate are equally strong
just get by till get-go
and head out on another endless road
head on out

Imply or implode
either way we come in code
no rhyme or reason
stick it out for me one more season
stick it out

Pumporgan by Palle Hjorth Recorded in Feedback and PigJoy by JB Organsolo by AP in the Soupkitchen


Freon pumpin' in my veins
I know I'm losin' all I could've gained
one foot short of a full-on retreat
and all those blunders in my backseat

Cross the river dissappear into the night
no telling if i'm wrong or right
there's a splinter in my mind
now my thoughts are a different kind

And by the time I-40 takes me in to Amarillo
the lonely road is all I wanna know

In a stream of liquid stone
the matter is cut to the bone
what the road is offering me
is a flowing wonder of entity

And by the time I-40 takes me out of Amarillo
a lonely road is all i wanna know
'cause there is more to I-40 than to go through Amarillo
wonders and blunders
hand in hand they go

With Palle Hjorth pianoing and Marie Frank singing Recorded in Feedback by JB and the Soupkitchen by AP

RIDE ON (Pedersen)

Ride on ride on
pass the gates
in the setting sun

Ride on ride on
you favorite sifting son

Ride on ride out
leave behind
every shadow
every doubt
ride on out

Introducing Elias Ole Lund introducing Written by TT and AP on the Gelb back-porch and recorded there subsequently. Drums recorded in the WholeHole later, AP added solo and effects in the Soupkitchen and bass in Feedback while mixing. Elias captured on Skype


It smells like rain again
although my premonition's like a train
running wild on rugged plains
while we try to maintain

Adrift at sea at night
with dreams deserted come what might
it makes no sense to fight
when no one is right

Cause there's always more to say
but less is being said each day
'it's hardly a reply and
it's not goodbye

Private Punic wars
dumb attacks and vague remorse
after all is said and done
are we still all for one

The bells are ringing true
praising those who start anew
and it's all that we can do
I hope you feel so too

With Nikolaj heyman on wurlitzer. Written by AP that week in the countryside after Peter said “we still need another song for the album...."

Float upstream through last fall's fallen leaves
feel the breeze and see the surplus thieves
there are days when all your cells just know
you belong long ago

Drift along both Johnson and Monroe
submerged cathedrals in fierce undertow
surfin' that kinetic energy
like electrons captured casually

Way out there way out when
I'm sucked right in then kicked back out again
watch me trans-frequencing
I'm here and I'm then

Dream away and tap into the groove
walk the cloisters, see the pillars move
ancient arches on higher ground
this is my sonic lost and found

Way out there way out when
I'm sucked right in then kicked back out again
watch me trans-frequencing
I'm here and i'm then

With Palle Hjorth on Hammond and purple piano Recorded in Feedback and PigJoy by JB, additional recordings done in the Soupkitchen by AP and LowFive by TT


Found a way ‘round the red-light nerves
move like a bloodhound unaware of it's swerves
except jolts in my bones, itch under the skin
keeps me preoccupied with internal rearranging

Yeah this things got it in for me
days are shorter now than they used to be

So be cool, be funny, smack 'em down hard
with all due respect you just go the whole nine yards

'Cause this things got it in for me
days are shorter now than they used to be
still walking wounded, zombie in new shoes
undone and undead
same weary talking blues

With Palle Hjorth introing and then taking one Recorded at Feedback and PigJoy by JB

BELLE (Pedersen)

There are many ways for dreams to come true
a woman on route 6 could testify
lonesome on the lookout
watching folks and years roll by

I can't let go of what they told me
about her house, or what remained
after a truck ran through the wall one day
and she got a ride while she was looking the other way

Now she's the bell of alarm in traffic
calling out to you
in the smoke from whining tires
and the screaming silence that ensue

Organ played by Palle Hjorth Recorded in Feedback and PigJoy by JB


I'm all in

Purple is the color that it turns
when you're feeling down in a black hole
and blue instead

will you ever get it up and
continue running a maze
certainly amaze those upon the beautiful gaze

I'm all in

Lots of coming and going downton too
lots of coming and going
around to find

Just don't ask me about love
don't know a thing about it
so just don't ask me about love
don't ask
I'm in too deep

Vicky Brown on violin and Jimmy Carr on vibraphone recorded by Nathan Sabatino in Loveland .
Contains a good chunk of "Upright Organ Blues" by Glenn Hardman
(from the trumpet solo on out, actually).

INVISIBLE (Pedersen)

You should try if you think that you can't
and free yer deadload
see through the codes

Bring it out from the cool and the dark
to sweltering light and a clear sight

Find a passage that opens wide
sweep the shapes of dreamin' sattelites

Take it in all the unthinkable
unaccountable sways
dissolve in few days
just go and set inside the sun
be an invisible one

Find a passage that opens wide
sweep the shapes of dreamin' satellites

With Palle Hjorth on piano Marie Frank singing Jimmy Carr vibraphoning Tuba and trumpet blown right by Henrik Silver. Recorded in Feedback and PigJoy by JB .Vibraphone recorded in Loveland by Nathan Sabatino. Silver recorded in Cirkus Charlie’s office-wagon by AP Other dubbing done in the Soupkitchen by AP

OVERFLOW (Pedersen)

Some say history is a nightmare from which we're trying to awake
that the past and the future are just different takes
and beginning to resemble Tommy Steele is reflecting how it feels
you know, some people get lucky while others get the raw deals

There are faces in the walls and a ghostly howling through the halls
waiting for the dust to settle I'm beginning to take vows
but it's just me and my thoughts knocking around this big old house
while the one-eyed jack is king in a world of blind men

There're people and cars outside my hotel window
midnight people I don't know
midnight cars in an endless flow
and as I slowly let the default setting go
I overflow

Pick us up
you'd think by now we'd know when to raise and when to call
but this game ain't at all the kind we had in mind
dreading the plottet course
trying to kick in some doors

With Vicky Brown, violin, Jimmy Carr, vibraphone, and Palle Hjorth, piano.

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