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More on rhyming...

Some of the most fun moments for an oldfashioned, rhyme-obsessed songster are the ones where you stumble on new rhymes, in the vein of: "it's just an imagery/that doesn't really appeal to me" (from a song I wrote after Bowie died and I didn't cry and still didn't really get the fuss...). Like how "way" and "finally" sort of rhyme, or "chance encounter" meets "something about her".

The true master in these matters, for me, will always be Howe Gelb. Listen to any record and there's a stunning collection of wordplay and rhymes you instantly feel was right under your nose the whole time, yet never saw. Come to think of it, it'd be appropriate to dedicate a post to some of Howe's most endearing rhymes.

Remind me not to forget.