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Offramp Rodeo

Glitterhouse 2013

​LIVE IN THE STREAM (Pedersen )Been there beforeworn out on the floormishap of postwar Failed to get to the doorcan’t really ignorethe sore spots anymore At the scene, a tape machinea trampoline, a busted spleen I’m fixing up a submarinetaking care of quarantineShould have been foreseenlike some kind of routineif just we’d kept it cleanWhat I mean is on the screenif you were queen in my canteena forest green live sardinehigh on dance, and caffeineDream of an aquatic regimewell into the streama life full of gleam PD: drums, maracas, cowbell, tambourine & additional snare TT: upright bass, vocals & foam-battered banjo AP: guitars & vocals NH: organ & marching band bassdrum OCB (Pedersen) ​Don’t buy in to the thousand scares they promote to shut you upon your toes, just keep the powder dry and stay on top There’s a spin on every story nowthere’s a lie on every tongue hold your breath, take the time to aim it'll hit before long Offbeat circuit breakers turning up on the grid all movers and shakers unite and commit Going out on fifty thousand watts through the skywaves at night we call on you to call the shots propagate and ignite you’ll be left, we’ll be right Offbeat circuit breakers turning up on the grid all movers and shakers unite and commit time to curb the skid PD: drums & tambourine TT: bass, vocal, wurlitzer & backwards banjo harmonics AP: vocal, guitar & tenor guitar NH: mellotron & acetone organ​​ OFFRAMP RODEO (Pedersen) Another race is runwe’re overdone, but nobody won you’re still pressing on the summer’s gone, in a free fall a marathon without recall No more roads to go the shadows grow and mask the patio the Offramp Rodeo is all you knowbut the stars lost their glowin the neon undertow The freakshow stands still without need or will hiding its face untill the next race Never saw the blind the left behind all undefined tried to stay on top all in, non stop but it just goes to show anytime you drop you have to let it go PD: drums, darbuka & Kenyan mgala drum TT: upright bass & marimba AP: the guild & vocals NH: glockenspiel & pedal steel guitar​LEAVING ODESSA (Pedersen) Set to leave Odessa in the morning try to clear the mind down at the barmaybe we ignored the fateful warning don’t mess with that Lone Star people here would go far Gaze down on the oilfields of west Texasrecognize the pumpjacks and their pranceentrepreneurs in Texas simply vex us they’re not your usual romance more like an ancient ghost dancea different stance Seize the Alamo pass it high and low unsteady as she goes Missing all the Arizona dead ends low key days around the Desert Inn sittin’ tight and dealing with the new bends a place to hide at high tide safe and cool while inside Seize the Alamo pass it high and low unsteady as she goes The last thing I remember is a phonecall something ‘bout blind tigers in the House the Seven Sisters do not want you ‘round here get out while you still can don’t be freakin’ blind, man PD: double drumkit, tambourines, shakers & wooden box NH: el. bass, pedalsteel, organ & vibraphone AP: vocals & guitar TT: vocals​​ FULL MOON (Pedersen) Making a wrong turn I take off roof tops and glass trees below dreaming I fly when I’m falling falling all too slow I was a sky diving orphan you were a cannon let loose caskets and steamboats on rivers showed how we chose The brightest lights cast deepest shadowspeople like telephone poles lonely, apart as they witness black neon holes Pull out the skylights and sit back letting the night take you in reach for the stars as you peel off that raddled skin​ This is the lull revolution dreamers and drop-outs unite seep through the cracks and acknowledge the full moon tonight just satellite PD: drum kit, kpanloko drum, wooden boxes, shaker & tambourine AP: vocal, guitars & piano NH: glockenspiel, sleighbells & organbass TT: vocal & upright bass Sille Krill: vocal

​HERE’S ONE (Pedersen)All alone in a dense fog when the rain starts ​an old terraplane close to the grounds across the wetlands into the woods a trunk full of all your worldly goods running with the hare, and hunting with the hounds While the silent drape of nightfall slowly sets there’s still the ring of a voice that said in about four weeks or so you’re only gonna feel half the pain you know you can't really win a war inside your head​ Here is one to tell you we’re outrun anywaythat trouble comes in all colors but always leave you in the grey A cold shimmer of the moonbeams through the naked trees a goshawk circling highdown the river in the back of his mind memories of safety and horrors combined most things then were kept on the sly Tired eyes don’t tell lies, Granpa used to say it’s never really lightning that strikes it all begins when you’re striken by life then you wind up on the wrong end of a knife just another guy that no one really likes This is one who’ll tell youwe’re outrun every day that trouble comes in all colors but always have us running away PD: drums & percussionAP: guitars, vocal + clapping TT: bass & vocals NH: ACE tone organ, tremolo guitar & piano, glockenspiel + tubular bells Niels “Det’-jo-det” Nørgaard: bass trombone​FIRESALE (Heyman/Pedersen) On a soiled and feeble trail tracing jet streams, facing ill dreams while it’s all a fire sale lack of sleep and lack of luck southern hell holes, gloomy poor souls losing track in pick-up trucks​ by the light from kerosene burning untamed, defiant, unclaimed I take on the unforeseen ​and I dream of rolling streams wild and clean still, a spirit’s free will nothing’s ever what it seems on a hill side drenched in sun a salient black bear, an endless blunt stare makes it clear I’ve been outrun as I stride towards her glow pads of flax rise, to nearly man size​ and I feel my senses go bursting spread of fire wheel smiling gently, as it would be if it wasn’t for the steel reaching for that world of glass seems so unfit and we still find it laying shattered in the grass pull towards a gentle moon find a home there, but just beware not to break it all too soon all you need along the waya fabled motel by the Devil’s Inkwell on the road to Santa Felet it go and let me loose the road’s too run-down for one who’s come round only asking for a truce AP: vocal & ac. guitar PD: drums, maracas, shells, caxixi, additional floor tom & Kenyan mgala drum NH: electric bass, chamberlain, piano, tubular bells, bass drum, harmony vocals & vibraphone TT: clarinet & tremolo bass solo​​EVEN SO (Heyman/Pedersen) On the shortest day Sparkle slipped awaybut you can't let go blinded mime you can run your rhymes but lovers outgrow even so Now some desire all the streets on fire and never lay off what you don't see all the burned fruit trees held promises too now make do change the view Tried and true carry through AP: vocal & vibraphone NH: guitar, bass, piano & vocal PD: drums & maracas​POLARIS (Pedersen)The North Star is held hostage but in that he's not alone everybody's a pawn in somebody's game and Polaris is only a recent sad add-on to the abundance of captives being used every day For every constellation for every setting sun for any one rescued another ten will be gone PD: drums & glockenspiel TT: bass & harmony vocals AP: guitars, pump organ & vocal NH: piano, chamberlain, mellotron & glockenspiel ​​LAST CALL (Pedersen) Bent out of shape, left behind not quite the escape we had in mind hear the engine, feel the heat last call for candidates for the final seats beat up and run down on the mystery train stuck on the platform waiting for the black rain Been watching the storm front from the overpass while trying to eyeball the snakes in the grass severely derailed by corporate hell hounds afraid it’s too late now to turn the ship around found and lost is closer than you’d think and they ain’t built a boat yet that cannot sink Just passing through faceless mud pit prophets all we can do untill we can follow through A dead certain downpour coming ‘round the bend could be a new beginning, or the beginning of the enda fear of drowning in a time of mental drought a time for believers and no time for doubt an old-fashioned stakeout, we’re just short of spine relentless hesitation, yours and mine a time for achievers and no chance for time out sreluctant resignation under heavy clouds Just passing through faceless mud pit prophets all we can do untill we can follow through PD: kpanloko drum, caxixi, maracas, drumkit & wood AP: vocal, ac. guitar & acetone organ NH: piano, pumporgan & baritone guitar TT: vocal & double bass

Offramp Rodeo
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