Doornroosje, Nijmegen, 2009, opening for ourselves on a Giant Sand tour.

"Nail In The Wall"

"Skills of Warfare"

Directed by Carina Randløv and photographed by Kim Wendt, the video was shot at Byens Bedste Banko (Best Bingohall in Town) in Copenhagen on a hot summerday in 2014.

Directed by the band. Shot in the neighboring barn in Firgårde outside of Ry, Denmark on Peter's camera. Make up by Nikolaj, lights by Anders & Henrik.

Directed by Uffe Egebjerg and shot in an old  underground power plant in the band's hometown of Aarhus.

"Live In The Stream"

Live in Slowclub - Freiburg - November 6th - 2014

"Just The Other Day"

Live at El Lokal - Zürich - November 11th - 2014

"Running Out Of Heroes"

"Weary Talking Blues"

Live from Kraftfeld in Winterthur - November 7th - 2014

"Let It Glow"

Made by Reno Kofoed and staged by Make It Happen Entertainment. Shot in Aarhus' old  wooden ships harbor.

Filmed while finishing the new album, "4", in Stablesounds' North country studio on Peter's SLR camera and edited by him afterwards.




As far as we remember this was shot in an Austrian hotel room, possible somewhere around Linz.

"OCB" live